Talk amongst yourselves

I absolutely love these two by Russ B, but I didn’t even realise I even had them until the other day. The bluebells were amazing, weren’t they?

I have so many bluebell images, from the woods near my house, and can remember exactly how it felt to be sitting there. 🙂

More timely images to follow just as soon as I get a chance to update things properly! Love to all! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Talk amongst yourselves

  1. Salsa?

    No you're talking my kind of language Ella 😉

    My wife pursuaded me a few years ago and I reluctantly dragged my heels along only to be hooked the first night.

    Tell your partner,

    a) It takes your mind of everything that might be troubling you as you have to think at all times, (All the women have to do is follow, easy peasy stuff)
    b) Straight men CAN dance, and you might be suprised how many chart tunes you can Salsa to, and
    c) I have never been so popular in a room full of women before!! I'm lovin' it!!

    Man to man. Try it, it's cheaper than drinking and makes you twice as handsome LOL!!



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