Glastonbury: Ice and Ivy

Last week I drove for hours on treacherous ice and snow to get to Glastonbury for a shoot with Ed Melville. Much of the journey was in first or second gear and there were times, during the way back, at which I thought I might never get home!! BUT it was worth the trip and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Ed wanted some Christmassy images with a ‘pagan’, natural theme, amongst other things. He’d gathered ivy and holly, and I fashioned myself a headdress.

We then went a little bit mediaeval/pre-Raphaelite. I’m really struggling to decide which to upload to my portfolio, so any help here onwards would be appreciated!!

Red and musical, featuring a Nordic lyre (which I could not resist twinging constantly, poor Ed):

Also, I now have these. I’m so sorry I’m bombarding readers of my blog with belly-dance pictures, but I’m having such a blast doing them…

Hope everyone had a wonderous, splendiferous Christmas. HAPPY NEW YEAR and love to all!


Swish, Sway and Storm

Here are some recent shots from time spent with the wonderful, now Oxford-based, Mark Bigelow. We still have plenty more to do and I enjoyed it even more than the first time around. Mark even got to sample my terrible driving, which he was very polite about. For a spatially-aware person I am not very spatially aware.

The last one reminds me of the ocean – tumultuous/turbulent and moody (like all good oceans). I think the skirt (tied material) looks like liquid in some of the shots too.