The Sea, The Sea (I ran by it)

And I ran a little bit IN it, which was nice. Being by the sea makes me so inexplicably happy; I deeply envy those who live near it and as if it’s just some other landmark or view. The ocean excites me sooo much; partly in a perverse way, since it terrifies me slightly (think of the ghosts down there; the sailors who gulped their last watery breaths alone; the bones; the deep, thundery laps of water rolling over itself and the bus-sized creatures who lurk, glass-eyed, past each other, having changed very little since the dinosaur age; the creaking sounds of ships and debris; the hunting noises and the dull squawks of the gulls over the water…. See, I even love sea gulls). Being at the shore-line is always magical. So you can see why I was quite excited to be working with John Kent down in Bournemouth recently.

We worked primarily on some stock images; running down the beach – lust for life, that kind of thing. My calves hurt a LOT the next day. I’d forgotten how running on sand can take its toll, especially if you don’t warm up..!

Then, I spent some time spinning and twirling under an arch, wearing pretty clothes. I do love my job!

6 thoughts on “The Sea, The Sea (I ran by it)

  1. Thanks Ella for being such a sport. Sorry your calves hurt! If its any consolation these shots have amassed 400 hits in the few days since I posted them. Looking forward to another shoot sometime.


  2. Thanks Kirsty – we were going with a 'music box' idea there! 🙂

    John – it's OK, achy calves means it was probably good for me… Yes, look I forward to another shoot!


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