Fashionesque with Karl Baxter & Becky Hunting

I’ve just been sent these files from Karl Baxter, from a shoot we did earlier this month. Although I was initially quite surprised when he contacted me, as I’m not known for being a fashion model, he said he was interested in working with me precisely because I had a much softer look than the models he usually works with, and his enthusiasm really rubbed off on me. I love to work with people who are really open about wanting to shoot with me and just get on with the planning with no faffing around or playing it too cool; I find it really inspiring to be believed in! The results are so different for me (and for him!). The clothes are a mixture of Poof and my own. Make up and massive afro (I had to readjust my normal notions of the size of my own head when posing, hoping it was all getting in the frame, and couldn’t help touching my own hair between sets, marvelling at its birds nest-like texture…) by the wonderfully talented Becky Hunting. I hope you like these shots! Comments/likes/dislikes welcome as always.

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