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  1. I can't believe nobody has commented on this!

    Firstly, great big bundles of congratulations on the completion of your first novel, and the fact that it is receiving interest from agents and potential publishers. That is a massive achievement at 24! I wish you all the luck in the world getting it published (please do keep me posted – I'd love to read it), but completing a novel in itself is a huge accomplishment!

    I knew you were a writer (it's obvious from reading anything you have typed) but I didn't realise you were working on/had in fact completed a novel! I am so full of admiration.

    When I was five I wrote a poem in class (I still remember the poem), and announced that I wanted to be a poet when I was older. (I also still remember being laughed at for this declaration, and now realise that 'being a poet' isn't really what most would class as a 'job.') I later extended this ambition, and I wanted to be a writer. This was long before I had any aspirations to perform, and I still fully intend, one day, to sit down and write.
    My problem is that I struggle to focus my mind, and never did have a clear idea of what I wanted to write about. I always figured that one day inspiration would come to me if I just went out and lived first. I'm still waiting for the right time to actually sit down and do it, and I would love to do a Masters degree in creative writing (if only time and money were no object).

    Anyway, the point of that digression was not to talk about myself, but to emphasise that I am so full of admiration that you have actually completed a novel! Well done, you!

    In other news, I am sorry that your plans to travel didn't quite work out this time. I've travelled quite extensively throughout my life, and I believe that sometimes, seeing new places and meeting new people just has to be done alone in order to truly find yourself…

    At 16 I left the UK to live in Colorado for a year, entirely on my own. It was only during that time, because I was entirely free of other people's expectations of how I was supposed to behave, that I managed to work out exactly who I was and what I wanted to do.

    Perhaps you and your boyfriend will both find the time beneficial in working out what you both want, and it may even make your relationship stronger. Meanwhile if you have any plans to travel, I've been to all sorts of places (one and a half world cruises amongst other extended stays in various parts of the world) so if you ever need advice on where to go or what to see, I might be able to give you a virtual tour (if it's somewhere I've visited). I hope your time turns out to be productive… I am absolutely sure it will.


  2. Thanks you for such a lovely comment – and such a long one! 🙂 Very sweet of you.

    About your writing: well, I would highly recommend doing some kind of course in writing, if only to focus your mind, surround yourself with like-minded people and be in the same places as contacts in the publishing industry (authors, agents, publishers… etc) who can lead you towards inspiration. I would say the main thing I got out of my MA was a sense that being a writer was a valid choice/option (I already knew it was what I wanted to do, obviously), and workshopping your work amongst other writers is invaluable. Writing is a funny world and can seem quite impenetrable without a little guidance, so it's important to make connections where you can and meet up with other writers, in my opinion. There are also lots of good books on technique and inspiration out there, with triggering exercises for writing projects – might be worth browsing a few!


  3. Well I have just visited your blog for first time in a while. I've been out of the loop with mad personal stuff. All calm now.

    Just wanted to say, congrats on the Agent thing. You are obviously talented as it is not normal for folk to get taken on by an agent on first attempt…and particularly not normal for the first offer to come from the folk you really want to represent you. Next, fingers crossed that the publishers line up for a bidding war. Third..if they do please let me know before you quit modeling.

    I'll try not to wait so long to come back and read what you're up to.


  4. Thanks Gordon – nice to hear from you! Yes I feel incredibly lucky so far. Really hope things will start to happen soon! …And I'm enjoying modelling too much at the moment to quit, don't worry. 🙂


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