Rebecca Parker

I worked with Rebecca Parker at the end of August. If you haven’t seen her creations before, you really should go and look at her website. Her images are exquisite – a wonderful mixture of dreaminess, drama, strangeness and simplicity. Rebecca does all of her photography and digital manipulation/processing herself, and now also does the make up (including mine, below). I think she’s secretly a control freak… Only joking. The multi-talent definitely runs in the family: Moonmomma made the beautiful pearl and blue-green headdresses I’m wearing below and they combine efforts often on various things. What a crafty team!

I’m so glad we were able to do these while I was in Birmingham on the way to a shoot in Manchester. Rebecca was exactly how I hoped she would be, after emailing each other for quite a long time, and I think we have such similar tastes that I totally trust her creative vision. The location was ‘Gentleshaw’, and we rocked some heather for some portraits, some lazy lavender fashion and then some mean gypsy styles indoors. Here is the evidence so far (there will be more images to come):

I also want to show this image I’ve recently seen. I flippin’ love it and keep going back to stare at it. Wow:


Rebecca will soon be organising some workshops/classes, to share her knowledge and techniques with other photographers and creative types. Definitely contact her for more info if you’re interested, and do feel free to hint heavily that I should be the model she demonstrates on… 😉

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