… from Mr Gregory Brown.

Red on the bed:

 The local bar owner presented Hannah and I each with a flower. I thought it should feature:

These were taken in some spare moments just after I’d finished packing up my stuff on the last morning, before we had to make our way to the airport:

 I love the perspectives and angles on these – and I love the painting in the background, which somehow suits. Stairs are always fun (also did some cool stuff on these stairs with John Evans, who will be featured again v soon):

The place was full of books!

If any of these particularly stand out to you for my portfolio (and in fact any of the ones from this trip to Spain I’ve posted so far), speak now or forever hold your peace!

4 thoughts on “More…

  1. See? Now these are great photos, but I won't over do it.
    And yes, on a side note, you know how to step to the edge of erotic and slide back a little. The eye makeup gives you away. 😉
    But seriously………well done.


  2. I adore the varied angles. I can see your dance background coming through in a few of them, as well. 🙂 Very well done. Tough to pick a favorite, but the staircase pictures (both b&w and colour) pique my interest the most. Now holding my peace 😉


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