Out-And-About Glamour

The word ‘glamour’ has become such a walking-on-eggshells word. My new website, which I promise is on its way (I have had some concerned emails questioning the fact that my website is down, which is hugely flattering – always nice to know it’s being looked at) will include a gallery (one of 12) called ‘Glamoureuse’ – a nod to glamour and also away from it, in the sense that everyone who sees my work will know that I don’t do ‘page 3’-style stuff – it’s just not my thing. I find it boring (I bet the ‘page three’ brigade would find my style interminably dull, so no hard feelings I’m sure) and I doubt I’d pull it off anyway without a quick fake tan, etc. Anyway, glamour is cool. I like glamour. I like the version of glamour that’s in my head. (My head involves glamour which is probably a little bit 70s; soft, pretty, sensual and elegant.)

Par exemple, here are some images I meant to blog a while ago, from the most recent Yerbury Boudoir Academy seminar I modelled for (copyright Faye Yerbury):


By Jean-Marc Gargentiel (a photographer attending the course):

Also, while I’m here, here’s some bridal stuff we did the same day:

By Faye Yerbury:

And by Trevor Yerbury:

One thought on “Out-And-About Glamour

  1. The first few shots remind me of Botticelli…others, early Victorian. But all of them are, as usual, splendid. Well done! P.S. Looking forward to the new website, too. (Ok, I'll stop now). 🙂


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