This is one of my favourite recent images, taken by Birmingham-based photographer Paul Bartholomew.

The location was a ruined hall in Oxfordshire, which sits by a river and small forest, in which this particular shot was taken. (I hope to show more images from the 2-hour shoot later and have already seen a couple more which I like very much.) The headdress I’m wearing here was kindly donated to me by the styling team at Chanticleer Brides, whose 2011 collection ‘back to nature’ I modelled for last year. I thought it was so sweet they let me keep it, and I’ve been waiting all this time to make the most of it. Below is also a softer make up look than I usually do; warmer hues and almost no mascara, with an emphasis on porcelain/creamy skin which this shot brings out really well, I think!

Please click on the image to enlarge it…

3 thoughts on “Maiden

  1. Thank you.

    Erik, not completely sure; there's a whole range of stuff on there; silk, cotton, paper, maybe. The person who made it is obviously very clever.


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