Tones and shadows

These were shot by Robert Farnham, in a swelteringly hot desert location (seriously: there was a meltdown. Half way through, the shoot was postponed and continued later. Robert wasn’t the only photographer who had to do this!… Things were just about bearable for me, being unclothed, but I was definitely starting to boil and jumping in the pool was a very necessary occasion… later shoots ended up being specifically designed around watery locations, which resulted in absolute bliss all round.)

I really love his compositions here, and the rich blacks in the staircase. It’s also nice to show a bit of ‘bodyscape’ work, which hasn’t been on my blog for a while.

Thanks Robert! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Tones and shadows

  1. I agree, the last shot is something special. It has a raw, bold honesty. All the photos are a little Ed Westonish: the soft focus, rotated framing. All wonderfully composed.


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