Grass Reeds

Here are some new images from the wonderful person and host Michael Cordiez. I meant to show these ages ago but my ‘to be blogged’ folder is a little chaotic at the moment!!! Having spoken for a while, it was so nice to meet him in person and shoot together. We shot in various locations and had a great time mixing things up (the house we shot in was amazing. I had to take photos of it for my future-house-inspiration scrap-book). I love the soft subtleties of tones in the grassy ones in particular.

5 thoughts on “Grass Reeds

  1. Hi Ella, Your question of models having ideas struck a nerve(in a good way) Ive only been shooting for 3 years now, but some of the best shoots I have had were when the model really got involved with the ideas and contributed her own, for example we had a random role of xmas wrap in the studio and the model decided to make a dress from it on the spot. If you or anyone was to approach me and say I have an idea I'd definitely be up for helping out.


  2. Hello Ella,
    It would be so nice if I could express myself as well as you, but here goes…
    I always enjoy working with a model that really inspires me. I've had wonderful results when the model has input, and is willing to bounce ideas back and forth. Not such good results when she decides to take over the shoot (yes, that has happened)! A good model knows best what she can do in front of the camera, just like I know what I can do behind it. It makes sense that when the 2 work together, great images can happen!

    Also, I've heard bad things about soy (maybe that's just in the US), so I have switched to almond and coconut milk.

    Happy New Year, and may 2012 be filled with your goals accomplished!


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