Magazine Appearances

Thanks go to Mark Davy-Jones for alerting me to appearances of my face in various magazines. Practical Photoshop have been featuring me a lot for the last few issues, with big spreads full of my face over and over again (but, less interestingly for my blog readers, it’s often the same pose/mugshot, showing photoshop techniques step-by-step for its avid, digitally-enthusiastic readers!) So I won’t bombard this blog with the full number of pages, but just a few (from December and Feb issues).


Being cut away:

I’ve been busy packing today for my jaunt around Cambridge. The last time I went there it was to be interviewed to study English at the university. I wasn’t convinced I wanted to study there, as I wanted to do a more modern, wide-ranging course, and in the end they rejected me anyway – think my question ‘what dance classes are there here, do you know?’ (directed at a professor of literature) wasn’t received brilliantly. Ah well… Nice place, nevertheless!
In other news, my flights to Scotland are now confirmed and I’ll be available around Edinburgh, Dundee, Fife and Glasgow between 9th-16th May. Can’t wait to visit!

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  1. Congratulations on the (much well-deserved!) publications.
    Similar poses or not, I think I speak for those who follow you, they are absolutely always a treat to see. Bravo! 🙂


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