Portraiture workshop

I meant to post these two shots a while ago after discovering them on Redbubble and contacting the photographer. It’s amazing what you find sometimes; there is so much out there I haven’t seen and I’m sure there are lots of photographic gems floating around in the cybersphere! These were taken by John Buchanan during a portraiture workshop in Lacock I modelled at a while ago, run by Dominic Falcone.

I like modelling for group workshops; you meet so many enthusiastic, budding photographers buzzing to learn and it can be a lot of fun (and requires quite different skills from one-to-one shoots). I’ve got a couple of good ones coming up in the next few months, and have built up a rather wonderful wardrobe for boudoir, bridal… and bridal boudoir… shoots, etc. On that note, I’ve spent a frankly embarrassing amount of time recently updating my lingerie collection with some beautiful new additions: vintage-retro pieces, French silk, black lace, elbow-length gloves, a sheer babydoll dress… and lots more. I only learnt to use ebay a few months ago (honestly!), so I suppose I had some catching up to do. I currently have my eye on a beautiful, frivolous and dramatic ball dress, as well as some intriguing and beautiful world costumery, but really should stop while I’m ahead… or should I? 

Clue: I probably won’t. Especially as I’ve recently been adding to my ‘bucket list’ (now carried around with me digitally on my phone, for when inspiration strikes – or needs to strike!) of ideas and themes I think would work really well and haven’t done before. Ah, it’s all just an excuse to dress up!

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