Let’s Dance!

Hello from Dusseldorf!!! (Sorry, no umlauts on this laptop!)

Just wanted to show some recently-appeared-in-the-inbox movement nudes from my last shoot in Paris last month. This was one of the most tiring shoots I’ve ever done, simply because there was one rule – do not stop moving. (Actually that’s not true – the other rule was ‘have fun’!) It was such a work out, and for photogapher Jeremie Nassif too, as he was literally following me around, up, down, left right, swooping around, ducking and lifting and jumping… pretty good exercise, I’ll say that! I absolutely love these results; I’ve always loved movement in images, and these are so cool in my opinion! So without further ado:

 P.S. I sincerely hope everyone has watched the film ‘Eagle vs. Shark’, which I am reminded of everytime I hear the song ‘Let’s Dance’. Basically, all the lead actor has to do (whose name I’ve gone blank on, and don’t have time to google at this present moment… Jemaine Clement!!!!) is curl his lip in that ‘I’m so cool… I’m so complex’ kinda way, and I’m in hysterics. He floats my boat in Flight of the Conchords too. I actually adore him. Off topic… Hope you like the pics above. 🙂

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