UK art models I admire

I’m sometimes asked by photographers I work with whether there are any other UK-based female art models I can recommend for them to consider. I can usually rattle off three or four I like a lot, depending on the brief, but thought it might be nice to feature some here.

In no particular order, these get my recommendation in terms of personality/spirit as well as visual inspiration!

1. Kayleigh Lush. Kayleigh is tall, slender and a skilled and talented dancer who I’ve had the pleasure of working with twice so far. She has bags of energy and a friendly personality, and can produce killer flexible poses – lots of fun to work with!

(photo credit: Klaus Kampert)

2. Leah Axl. Leah just has a perfect face. She is a petite brunette with a look about her that covers so many fleeting emotions and periods of time. If I were a photograher I would definitely want to shoot her. My opinion of her is only cemented by her super-niceness.

(photo credit: Karen Jones)

3.Cheryl Elizabeth. I haven’t actually met Cheryl (only spoken on the phone), though I hope to, but really rate her as a model and am in awe of her figure half the time. I sometimes think she’s a bit underrated and not as ‘well known’ as she should be. Long legged and a really beautiful, interesting face, I reckon:

(image credit: Jeremy Howitt)

4. Vicki Marie is another model I always mention when asked for recommendations for dancers. She’s a professional dancer, very flexible and pretty, but what I remember most about meeting her a couple of years ago was how professional-yet-friendly she was. She’s a lot of fun to have around.

(image credit: James Tate)
5. Muse (apparently her birth name!) is another model I haven’t met, but was on the scene back when I began and someone I find very impressive. She is just incredibly beautiful, basically, very sensual, and the creative concepts she and her teams come up with are so stunning, from the pretty/’maiden’ beauty to the primal.
(image credit: David Charles)

6. Ivory Flame is a petite, classic red-head, with pale skin and a gentle (but fiery!) demeanour, as well as a good friend. I’ve had the pleasure of modelling alongside (as well as for) her many times and we make an excellent match in mood and aesthetic. Pictures of her are often the most interesting and successful in a photographer’s portfolio –Ā  they always seem to stand out. It’s extremely unlikely you haven’t heard of her as she was a successful model way before I appeared on the scene (her profile was one I found particularly inspiring when I began), but it would be weird to miss her off this list!!

Ā (image credit: Alex Ingram)

…. This is just a personal list of favourites and I’m sure there are more I could add. Everyone is inspired by and interested in different looks/skills, and that’s what makes the world go around! Have fun checking out their work!

Finally, in case you’re interested, Ivory Flame and I are available for bookings together at any time, but most notably on Friday 25th May, when we are available for bookings together with individual photographers at KVMedia Studios in Chesham (Saturday sold out before we’d even publically advertised it!). šŸ™‚ The theme of the day is ‘Goddesses’ (we hope this doesn’t sound presumptious… it’s just a fun label to steer some creative potential!) Any related concepts can be explored, from softer classic beauty to powerful figures of feminine strength… Mother Earth, Birth of Venus, Egyptian Queens, Pre-raphaelite maidens, fairies, Greek myths, Horoscopes, Hindu deities, and warriors. For more information, just ask!

3 thoughts on “UK art models I admire

  1. Interesting list Ella. I've worked with 1. 4. & 6. on a number of occasions and would agree with you that they are superb models.
    I may have a look at the other three.


  2. It's very generous of you to recommend other models, but then you are a very nice person šŸ™‚ I've worked with Kayleigh, Cheryl and Holly and all are equally fabulous. I'd love to work with Leah before too long


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