Gypsy Dance

In my ongoing quest to make bellydance and gypsy/boho costumery a respected sub-genre of modelling in its own right, I give you today’s offering: a cacophony of movement and colour! These images were taken by Frank, a photographer from South Africa, shot in Gregory Brown’s studio in London. Frank said I made his day by asking if I could blog some of these, whereas actually by giving me permission he made mine. I love all the colour, passion and movement in these! I enjoyed doing all this styling myself (I specialise in eclectic and chaotic visual adornment).

I’ve got so much to do today, but am definitely definitely going to choose new dance classes to try next week. It’s probably a toss up between tap (my first love), contemporary and belly, at the moment I’ve had a break from the latter but maybe I’ll take this ‘freeze time’ two month-period (the name I have literally just come up with while typing) that I’m taking off modelling to expand creative outlets in the physical sense. I woke up this morning and realised I missed modelling. It’s taken me just five days – I have to admit I really didn’t expect that. (I have always thought modelling was just an extension of my love of dance/performance though, so I suppose it’s all entwined.)

What I call my ‘mermaid’ costume, bought at a dance festival…

What I might call my ‘vibrant earth chaos collision collection’… Featuring my incredibly joyous skirt/dress multi-option wear silk piece (seriously, it came with a little card with diagrams demonstrating 19 different ways of wearing it – no idea where that card is now) from Playa del Carmen, Mexico. And some other stuff from my bedroom narnia to make me suitably be-jangled.

Salome… featuring my favourite sheer dance veils, chiffons and silks…

Please let me in on your favourite shots, as always! Thank you! 🙂

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