Modern Day Dramas!

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the summer (if you’re in this hemisphere) and Olympic showdown, wherever you are! I’ve been watching it on and off – SO inspiring to see people with dedication and talent and determination to work hard be rewarded – it’s not often that happens in our society on such a big scale. Looking forward to the closing ceremony tonight as I absolutely loved the opening one. Let’s hope Icke and co are wrong about the satanic occult/illuminati hocus pocus going on behind the scenes and it’s all good fun… *nervous*! My boyfriend is working at the NBA house, finishing today, so hello to you!

It’s been a whole week since I’ve updated this blog, which is a bit unheard of as loyal followers will know. I’ve just been SO busy and that’s been compounded by computer, internet, browser and phone upheavals all happening at once. I am now thoroughly part of the modern world thanks to my little brother, who has built me a new computer (I now have to get to grips with the concept of ‘clouds’, google chrome, magic servers in the sky… all that stuff. Seriously, it is actual magic to me, I don’t understand any of it). A couple of days ago I was set up with a new computer and phone on the same day and literally felt like I needed a lie down. I had to go and sit outside in the garden for a while and sip tea. This new-fangled technology is making my head spin. I will see how I go for a week or so but I might have to plead surrender and request for myself a good old-fashioned microsoft office installation so that I don’t have to get my head around the idea of my novel floating around cyberspace as a ‘google doc’ when it could just be snuggled safely on my desktop. Apparently it will sync itself to my laptop when I take that around on travel/trips. And don’t get my started on google chrome… I move my mouse to one corner and the entire screen changes before my eyes. I have a virus protection software thing that now talks to me (I am under strict instructions to thank it out loud each time it announces its success; I would have done that anyway of course, much like the conversations I have with my sat nav.) And my mouse is wireless. My brother looked at me pitifully when I told him I was proud of the fact that I don’t have twitter, and actually don’t even know what twitter looks like, as I’ve never seen the website. No FOMO here. That said, once I’m set up with technology I’m pretty good at using it as I’m quite intuitive and technology is obviously made to BE intuitive these days; I just don’t understand how any of it works. And that’s fine really, I think.

OK, anyway, so all in all I am now back on top of communication and able to respond to all sorts of nice emails, etc., which is well, nice! 🙂

And here are some more shots from Britalicus, made up in Scotland. Love the drama in these!

(Look! There are 4 of me! Magic! 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “Modern Day Dramas!

  1. Even the technology people don't understand it. They just accept that it works and move on.
    One of the four of you can work on the novel full time !


  2. Technolgy is OK till it goes wrong then its very frustrating. You definately need a little brother then:-)
    Like the four of you energy in these Ella, yhe four of you works well.


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