Peaches and Cream

I love the soft creamy peachy hues in these shots taken recently by Richard Lund, taken recently at Karen Jones’ amazing abode. A nice chance to use some new-ish pretty lacy lingerie and air my new ‘Robin’ autumnal scarf as well. Richard was very enthusiastic and fun to work with, as always.

Stay tuned for Karen’s shots, coming soon – we got some beauties, despite the three of us spending what felt like most of the time chatting and drinking tea, and there was even a visit from Cupid in front of the lens…! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Peaches and Cream

  1. It's lovely to see what other photographers produce in my surroundings, things and places I never see. Richard is always a dab hand at this ! I love the first and last today, not that I don't like your new scarf 😉 Very pretty, soft and gentle 🙂


  2. Hi EllaRose. When i look at these photos, i see You are tender hearted and generous to a fault and often allows others to impose upon you. Thank god there are some photographers who know what they are doing, as to see you share your heart with the universe is breath taking! What a legend you are!


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