Enchanted Forest

Hello! Back from my trip away and raring to go again in this beautiful English autumn. I had an excellent trip but I don’t think I’ll ever shake off that wonderful feeling of coming home. I’m so glad I appreciate my country still, even after loving so many other places.

My inbox is bursting with an influx of photographic gems, some delivered drip by drip (mini blog posts bubbling away gradually) and some in big, unexpected shebangs of glory – every photographer is different – but now I have so many I want to show! It keeps my portfolio changing.

These were sent to me recently from a photographer I worked with in Scotland in May. I have already put one in my portfolio. By Calandra, from the ‘Kingdom of Fife’, headdress mania:

The last image I am calling Fairy Steps. Nearby was an area covered in wreaths, lanterns and coloured ribbons after some kind of Green Man ritual, so it felt like a very special place!

Update: two more!

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  1. It is a great honour to be featured on your blog. Thanks for a wonderful shoot …… and the book is amazing!


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