Pianos, Women & Houses

Amongst other things, today has involved googling for local piano restorers (my Grieg doesn’t sound as good on my long-unplayed piano as it does on my teacher’s) and stumbling across a fascinating blog about a 30-year-old piano tuner who has ‘no fixed abode’, having moved out of his flat a couple of years ago, deciding instead to just find somewhere to sleep wherever he happened to be at the end of his working day. I really love discovering alternative lifestyles and learning about other people’s choices. I personally couldn’t live like him – I am a home maker at heart – but wow, how interesting! Too many people don’t question what is ‘normal’ and conventional. It’s a topic that really interests me – a while ago I seriously considered researching and writing about it via a series of interviews, inspired by the incredibly interesting people I tend to meet on my travels – maybe I might, one day. Especially in the context of women and issues around femininity and the construction of identity, womanhood and the multitude of choices that abide therein.

(I think I look like quite a strong (albeit vulnerable too) woman in this shot by Mosa (One Pix Art), Beverley Hills):

In other news, and hopefully without jinxing myself by writing it ‘out loud’, I have been for a long, sustained amount of time been going to bed every night noticing and marvelling at how happy I am now. I’m so busy doing what I love, decisively focussing on what I know makes me happy (dance, music, writing, learning (languages)… it’s always been this these things; I’m sad without them) and being grateful for all the small and big things I am so lucky to have and experience. For a while back then I was distraught and now I am liberated!

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  1. A hearty and sincere congratulations on finding liberation and true happiness, and may it continue for you…all too often, we as a society try and find it in other manners but ultimately find ourselves feeling empty and unfulfilled. It truly is in the little things where we learn to appreciate what life is really all about. Anyways, all my best. 🙂


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