‘I only Feel’*

Evening! Just a quick update before dinner to show some recent film images taken in Belgium recently by Dimitri, while listening to Radiohead, Blonde Redhead and other such stuff.

I found Dimitri’s way of working quite interesting; he absolutely forbid any posing whatsoever. Instead, I had to just ‘exist’ in front of the camera, go into my own thoughts and feelings and be completely un-self conscious. I think the results are good, and it made me think of the way different photographers work; there is such a range of methods among those I work with. Some come with exact ideas, some have no plan whatsoever, some take control, some want the model to take control and don’t offer any real direction, some want emotions and moods to be acted, some (rarer) want no acting whatsoever. I want to say I think I’ve noticed a very slight divide between British photographers and mainland European photographers in this last comparison, but I don’t know if that sounds pretentious, and I’d need to do more research… And the painter I’m modelling for again here in England is definitely of the ‘just be yourself’ camp, as we were discussing the other day, though perhaps that’s another difference (between painters and photographers). Usually I think modelling is mostly acting… but is it? And when does a stance become a pose?

I always appreciate being able to model while holding my cup of tea…
*I recently found a model’s profile and read the words ‘I never pose, I only feel.’ Made me smile.

3 thoughts on “‘I only Feel’*

  1. Radiohead, eh? Good choice. 🙂 And I concur, modeling is not necessarily 'posing', but actually feeling, being one with the subject at hand…like most other forms of art, or anything of a creative nature…in tune, harmony, together. THAT is when true magic is made. At least, that's my two cents. 😉


  2. Dear Ella, I'd like to work with you. Simply because I can see and I can read that you are able to feel and pose and act and make the work complete. Please contact me via my website (www.MusedRenaissance.com). Thank you. Patrick


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