Bulbs and Benches

This morning I wrote roughly a million words of my WIP. Feeling very inspired at the moment, if a little exhausted after a much needed 24-hour jaunt to a place I adore. And now I’ve just come back from a garden centre, of all places. Why is buying birthday presents for my Dad so difficult?! Anyway, I think I’d quite like my own garden one day, if only so I can buy pretty watering cans. Sadly, though, I never even remember to water anything when I attempt to have plants on my window sill. After I came back from Amsterdam, I put one of those one-euro tulip bulbs into a pot, only to discover, months later (and, I admit, having never watered it), that the bulb had completely disappeared. It wasn’t there anymore. I had been displaying, in this non-fruitful but expectant interim, a small pot of soil. I imagine it had given up on me and decided to disintegrate, thinking ‘I’ll just be soil, it’s easier’. I hope one day I’ll be the sort of person who can water a plant. In the meantime, and between some other things I’m doing today, I thought I’d post a quick miscellany of images I haven’t blogged yet, but which I love, with thanks to the photographers.

By Barrie Spence, Scotland:

By Rayment Kirby, Sussex:

By OnePixArt, Beverley Hills:

By Eddie Ray, taken at Paul’s Studio, Reading (inspired, of course, by Rossetti and Arthur Hughes):

By Davefish, taken at Eye For An Image Studio in Banbury, Oxfordshire:

By Paul Bartholomew, Oxfordshire:

5 thoughts on “Bulbs and Benches

  1. Congrats on the WIP! Also, do not despair, your hopes of being a gardener will most certainly come to fruition in due time. Baby steps, baby steps. Happy Birthday, Dad! (Oh, and gorgeous images, too. Especially that last one…my fave). πŸ™‚


  2. Thank you!

    Erik, are you the gardening oracle? πŸ™‚

    I did get inspired, at the last minute, thank you Richard – he loved his presents. πŸ™‚


  3. Well, now that you mention it…*wipes off crystal ball* πŸ™‚ Seriously though, considering that no matter what you undertake, you are not only successful but the absolute tops for all to see when all is said and done…let's just say that I have a pretty good feeling about it. πŸ˜‰


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