Sumptuous in Brussels

Fresh from Belgium, I bring you some new images courtesy of a quick session with wonderful photographer Pieter Vandeur. He was so great to work with, picking me up off the Eurostar and driving me on to my excellent hostel, ‘Sleephere‘ in Brussels (which I would really recommend to those passing through the city – it’s the home of a man called Karel and his gorgeous old dog, Caesar, so feels more ‘authentic’ than the usual kind of thing, and has no room keys whatsoever – the only other place I’ve stayed at like that was in Costa Rica – Hostel Bekuo, whose owner I slightly fell in love with and who waved me off with a handmade hat – and it shared the automatic atmosphere of friendliness and trust that has to follow – anyway I think Sleephere won a ‘best of Belgium’ award, or something, and there’s a piano in the lounge which I could not resist when I got the room free before I left to go home, plus some brilliant restaurants nearby.)

Back on track… Pieter took me to a rather amusing bookable-by-the-hour hotel for our shoot. (Ahem!) But hey, it really worked, even if we did have some raised eyebrows on the way in. He was good with offering thoughts on direction, too. The setting was rather gorgeous, and this black lingerie I’d recently treated myself to (among other sets, and various long ballgowns) got to be worn and photographed in the exact style I’d had in mind when I bought it (the standing shots particularly)! So thank you Pieter!

Would appreciate some votes for which people prefer… I’m still deciding. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sumptuous in Brussels

  1. My favorite is #9. Your pose looks very powerful, a woman who is in control. I think that the photo helps show your range.


  2. Ella these are so sumptuous, classy and dare I say quite sensual so different from most of your portfolio, (that I have seen.) The black lingerie and set show off your superb posing and body help by the lighting which enhance sculpt and enhance your shape.Paul


  3. Yet another stunning and impressive array. Bravo! So incredibly tough to choose! However, if push came to shove, I would venture to say that 1, 2, 4, 9, 11, and 14 are my personal faves, for various reasons; they each show varying aspects and different sides of you…not to mention, the wonderful imagery and poses. I absolutely love them. Although ALL are, in a word, perfection…and I am ever so grateful for your sharing of these with us. *bows in appreciation* 🙂


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