Welsh Rain, Reflections

I had a great two days with Richard Spurdens in January, shooting at a grand house in Wales. We’ve worked together a couple of times before and I think we make a good team, having lots of fun and getting lots done in the process! Richard is always brimming with ideas and always happy to go along with mine too – and having packed a large suitcase full of bits and pieces, including my Indian wedding sari and the showgirl costume I bought in Las Vegas, I had plenty for us to work with in the various mini locations scattered inside the house. We worked outside too – in the pouring rain, I might add; I don’t normally offer to pose nude in the rain, but it seemed such a shame to waste the opportunities out there!

Richard has kindly sent me some of my favourite results, which means I get to show them off! ๐Ÿ™‚ One of the images has already had a couple of successes/acceptances, so that’s good, too!

My Vegas costume:

Dreaming through a window…

(These were great in colour too, and I’m sure Richard won’t mind me taking the credit for suggesting we switch on the light inside to create that warm glow… ๐Ÿ™‚ )

A ghostly movement idea we played around with (doesn’t the map in the background make the shot? I’ve got such a thing about maps, myself).

ย Sari (I’m really quite sulky-looking in the first, for some reason):

Some dance-ish hair flicks at the indoor (overly chlorinated, but gorgeously steamy) pool…

Outdoors in that rain…


And some ‘miscellaneous’ images… ๐Ÿ™‚

(Having to duck underneath the chandelier in the shot below made not slipping off the sloping shelf-thing even more difficult than it already was. ‘First world problems’. What a nice house it was!)

Thanks so much Richard for another fruitful experience!ย 

5 thoughts on “Welsh Rain, Reflections

  1. Great setting, rich color. I like the “old” feel atmosphere. Very clever with photo 21. The pool building is great.
    Yes, the map is very cool. The whole fireplace is great including the inside tile work.
    The interior light you turned on, I thought was a reflected sunset. Enjoyable post!


  2. My favorites are 18 & 25. The dark colors of the building and water seem foreboding against the lightness of your skin. The mirror looks like the viewer is looking into another world and you are the guardian of the portal.


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