It was a pleasure to model again recently for Rayment Kirby, photography-improviser-extraordinaire (I was particularly impressed by the papier mache light, this time – Rayment is incredibly ingenious when it comes to creating equipment with which to work and produce various effects). We were working towards his latest book and created a good range of images, as shown below, with the aid of bohemian cushions, black fabric, jewellery, plastic sheeting, red rugs and rainy windows…

Life has been busy and hectic as always for me recently, with a bizarre emphasis on turning nocturnal over this last week or so, and some fun shoots in the early mornings, parties and exciting emails I don’t want to ‘jinx’ by mentioning. I’ve managed to be productive too, booking flights, visas, travel insurance, updating my website, repairing my car (well, not me personally; that would be disastrous) and generally catching up on all those mundane things which keep a world spinning. Off to Norway very soon! Will update again soon after that…

5 thoughts on “Elephants

  1. For some reason I think the first one is a cut above the rest and your eyebrows, framing the rest of your extraordinary features, take the golden section rule to a whole new level.


  2. I will seconded that the first photo is gorgeous. It is dark, smokey and mysterious, as well as being well composed. I also like the exotic theme of the elephant photos. Beautiful they are.
    I love the pose and facial expression in the barn-door photo. It seems to tell a story. For me, the best photos tell a story or trigger the viewer to believe something is happening!
    Sadly, the furry red photos distort your body and seem to shorten your legs. I'm assuming you were going for the M. Monroe look.
    Forgive my frankness, please. I admire your work.


  3. A dazzling collection, with some of them possessing quite the mysterious aura, thusly making them even more engaging and pulling the viewer into your world…I never tire of your work and adventurous spirit, which shows ever so brightly in all that you do; photographs, or otherwise. You have done it once again, with the results endlessly captivating, as always. Thank you so very much for sharing these with us! P.S. I hope your car gets fixed soon as well. Have fun in Norway, wishing you a safe and rewarding journey…can't wait for your next update. Best wishes. šŸ™‚


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