Dancing in Castles (& other pursuits)

(By Ross McKelvey.)

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Hello (and secrets) from England!

Hello hello! It feels a bit strange to be back and easing my way through the reverse culture shock (I know some of you have kept track of my travels around the southern hemisphere over on my other blog and my facebook profile) but it’s so lovely to see all the daffodils blooming all around here and I’m settling back in well so far (yawn.. jet lag!). I’m looking forward to having a walk around my close-by¬†woodland to see how the bluebells are coming along (I’m already receiving enquiries about those!) and I can’t wait to submerge myself in them as part of my annual photographic tradition.

Anyway… I haven’t forgotten that I had promised a secret blog post a while ago. Well…. this is it (I am not advertising it on facebook, etc. as I want the right person to find it via serendipity! I had meant to write this quite a while ago, but it never quite happened, so here I am, and I hope it may be of interest to those who need it most.¬†(Scroll down to keep reading!)

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The Sea’s Sacred Geometry

And now, for my next trick, it’s hello from Bali! I absolutely love this place and felt such a pull to come back. Things here have been unpredictable but beautiful, and not without an island’s worth of magic along with the constant fluttering of butterflies by my side (not to mention a special visit from a dragonfly, and the pitter-pattering of frogs leaping around and ahead of me). If all this sounds a bit too airy-fairy, well, welcome to my reality.

Just a quick update today with a single image (and I haven’t forgotten the ‘secret blog post’ I have foretold, which I am still planning to post very soon for those who follow along). This one is by Malcolm Grant, who is an excellent host/person/photographer. Just a teaser really as there will be more to come, and some featuring me modelling with a wonderful fellow model I hadn’t worked with before which I can’t wait to show you, but I really like the flat-footed strength and twists in this, not to mention the heavy drama in the sky and whirling of the sea.

Malcolm Grant