It’s not often I get pitched against graffiti… I don’t have that ‘edgy’ look (urgh, I hate that word so much, it’s such an awful term, almost as bad as ‘alternative’ [alternative TO WHAT?!?!?!?!?! ahem…]; clearly I’m not edgy enough to use it with a straight face), but still, sometimes it’s fun and unexpected to be relatively classic against something so urban. Textures ‘n’ shapes ‘n’ all that good stuff.

The following are from a fun shoot I had in Perth with Greg Sands and a couple of other photographers, which ended up with a detour via some kangaroos (not pictured, sadly). Can’t wait to be back in Australia later this year!

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Sun, bedazzle me!

A very early start, a hilarious photographer, some incredible waves that we were able to witness crashing and swirling and having a Poseidonic fit of hydro-power… Here are some images taken recently in New South Wales by Tim Bradshaw. I’ll be down under again soon enough thankfully (here there and everywhere); my last trip was far too short and rushed!!

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Just a quick one, but isn’t this lovely? A new photo sent to me by Brian Connor (who is based in New Zealand) of my friend and fellow model, Ivory Flame, and I. This is one of my favourite locations here in Oxfordshire and I LOVE Brian’s composition and the glowing light. 🙂

Windrush Nymphs - Brian Connor

For anyone tempted, prints of this image are available here (and also an interesting caption!).