Leaf patterns & Chopping boards

Hello and happy Friday-before-Christmas! I’m briefly re-enlivening this blog for a few posts.

It feels a bit funny writing on here again after SO very long. Many of you know by now that after 8 years or so, I’m spending most of my time away from the camera these days (due to other burgeoning interests and the current galactic system that dictates that the daily apportionment of time is finite). That said, in my sort-of-absence over the last year or more, I’ve done a lot of modelling for a sculptor and, most recently, I was working on a British film which will feature Hugh Grant (though holding Thor’s hammer remains my most exciting actor-ly claim).


Aside from the ‘flaunting myself’ aspect of my life, things have been exceptionally busy and exciting, not least because, in July, I launched my own natural skincare range featuring the tea plant (yes!): LEAFOLOGY. Many of you are following there via the monthly email updates you can sign up for (as well as on instagram) and have even tried my lotions and potions, and I’m very grateful and proud and pleased and also a bit surprised by this new string to my bow. But bows and arrows go in so many directions for me, always (I’m the most indecisive person in the world, with interests and ambitions in all different places), and I accidentally ended up in Singapore and Australia in October and November. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been invited once more to be with a gathering of artists and models at Zoefest (though I am amazed that I survived, bearing in mind how many crocodiles and snakes and spiders and etc. etc. were snapping away at the margins of my being) and I also squeezed in shoots with so many talented photographers both before and after this that I think it would be unjust not to show off their work. I planned to keep this a very low key trip, only modelling once per day, maximum, but it ended up VERY full and I don’t regret it for a second. I will always love the creativity and life-expanding opportunities and small moments involved in modelling – I joked recently on facebook that I hope people will still be contacting me when I’m 90 – and I remain baffled by how lucky I’ve been to have had a reasonable amount of interest over the years. Even though it is not my focus anymore, it remains a great love.

Many of you already know that I have a new system for keeping in touch with those who would like me to model for them either continuing from previous shoots or for the first time; that I plan to use this mode of communication for any future trips in 2018 and beyond. You sign up and let me know your city, and I contact you if/when I ever visit. So far it has people from all over the planet, which (for a travel addict like me) is so cool.

All that grand talk over, here are some recent pictures by the brilliant Moko Imagery, taken in Far North Queensland. Thirty pics, plus a final outtake of me giggling (which happens a lot on shoots, quite frankly). They’re quite raw and natural. Half were on a beach under the shadows of rainforest trees (you can see them all over me; I was almost dressed!) and half were taken on the glamorous platform of a minuscule chopping board (I kid you not) which was placed on some scorching gravel at a beautiful house, with the indecently bright sun streaming into my eyes, which means I’m afraid I had only two facial expressions at my disposal during the entire set; dreamy closed eyes and furious scowl. Thank you Adam for being so cool to meet and model for!

Expect another blog post or 20 from recent events (I have so many new images to share, but that time thing is so bloody finite and so I can’t promise when!) 🙂




MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone. I hope you get your dreams fulfilled – even the wild ones.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Leaf patterns & Chopping boards

  1. Great new work from down under. The high key image with the palm shadow on your back…fantastic. As is the ones where you are squinting…new style for you? Well, maybe not!


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