The Sunflower

Congratulations to Steven Billups who had the following two images juried into the Natural Nude exhibition at the SE Center for photography, Greenville South Carolina (one of the jurors being Kim Weston). The first is of me, hiding behind a sunflower (as one does) and the second, Dune Shadows, is of the wonderful Anoush Anou, a friend I haven’t seen in far too long (we once hiked the Grand Canyon together!) – hope to visit both of these people in the US when I visit next year! Anyone wanting info on that will hear from me once dates are planned if they’re signed up to my mailing list.

I can’t believe it’s been so many years since I was last in the US. I’ve been to Australia a lot in recent years and that’s taken over my far-flung travels a bit. Anyway, I’ve been home here in the UK for just over a week now – had such a creative time and shall be updating this blog with lots of results. I literally created a spreadsheet a couple of days ago listing all the shoots I am planning to blog; friends, there are 71 columns of photographer’s names. So, um, stay tuned..!

Sunflower Steven Billups 10x10 $250_edited-1 (1)Dappled

While I’m here, I thought I’d share some more images I modelled for with Steven Billups in Germany this summer…

Ella 18d (1)Ella 18j (1)Ella 18m (1)Ella 18k (1)Ella 18n (1)Ella 18q (1)Ella 18f (1)Ella .18p (1)Ella .18kk (1)Ella 18gg copy (1)Ella 18gg (1)Ella 18w (1)Ella 18qq (1)Ella 18oo copy (1)Ella 18t (1)Ella .18x (1)Ella 18mm1 (1)Ella .18mm2 (1)Ella 18ii (1)

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