A Herring Factory, a Piano & a Window

When Bragi Kort told me the next location during our week in the westfjords of Iceland in June was going to be an abandoned herring factory, I was half expecting (/dreading) rotting fish flesh and a bed of bones. But it wasn’t quite like that, thankfully, and in fact Bragi was right to be so excited – it was a fantastic location full of massive shapes, textures, industrial machines and window lights. A photographer’s dream and I love so many of his shots I’m accidentally sharing 40-odd here all at once… Including some taken at one of the hotels we stayed at which (to my absolute delight) had a piano (and an open-minded owner!).

I think a personal favourite is the set with the huge upside-down, rusting cone-shape (basically it was a space ship). It was a bit precarious and we had to be careful not to get too close; we were actually very kindly guided around by the owners of the land for our safety, before being left to do our thing.

As you’ll see, I’m suffering from a horrible bout of ‘colour or mono?’ indecision, so am showing some of both. I think I’m quite drawn to the colour ones for many – I love the muted tones.

If you like the images below, make sure you’ve also had a look at this other bumper post, which shows a totally different side of Iceland – the outdoor moonscapes and magnificent beauty of the landscapes (with little old me frolicking about among it all).

VEF_3410o (3)VEF_3410VEF_3409bwVEF_3404bwVEF_3395 (2)VEF_3363bwVEF_3357bwVEF_3357 (2)VEF_3354VEF_3342VEF_3341VEF_3327VEF_3286VEF_3277VEF_3248VEF_3245 (2)VEF_3146 (2)VEF_3115 (2)VEF_3083VEF_3052wpVEF_3042wpVEF_3020bw (2)VEF_0407VEF_0367 (2)VEF_0250VEF_0201bwVEF_0201VEF_0192bwVEF_0075bwVEF_0008

VEF_3430VEF_2436bwVEF_2401VEF_2395bwVEF_2394VEF_2390VEF_2387wp (3)VEF_2375bwVEF_2371VEF_2370VEF_2366VEF_2363VEF_2361VEF_2349VEF_2346VEF_2345VEF_2335VEF_2327n

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