The Grapes of Wrap (dress)

To warm us all up (I am particularly addressing my fellow northern-hemisphereans, here, and if tomorrow’s snow forecast is anything to go by we need all the help we can get), here are some images taken in the balmier, English countryside with Stuart Johnson, who was a pleasure to model for in these beautiful locations. Some of these images have already seeped into my instagram account, but it’s lovely to show a fuller collection. I felt like I was in the south of France for some of this shoot – so good to look back on now!

By the way, many of the images in this post are unedited – in fact I believe most are straight from camera. I actually think this sort of suits the carefree vibes we ended up doing.

dsc_0157_01dsc_0156 (2)_01dsc_0138_01



And the following are from an earlier shoot last year, which I also hadn’t yet shared here on my blog – it all started in the bluebell woods I so love each year, near my home, then we went out into the open fields. I already have a few people poised to do these in 2019. It’s such a pleasure to do these shoots around the woods – get in touch if you’d like to schedule a shoot with me.














5 thoughts on “The Grapes of Wrap (dress)

  1. My favorites are #5 and the first two closeups where you are leaning into the tree and looking at the camera. Your look in #5 says “this way to mischief”. The closeups are beautiful portraits. Difficult to choose favorites amongst so many well done (poses, lighting, location) photos.


  2. Sweet grow the young grapes of May
    And dear they are to sight
    Of men young of limb or of heart
    Whose dreams of you have buoyed
    Their soul through many a cold winter night
    Now must needs their patience play
    and woo you for the heady days of summer
    in the cool even grass to lay
    with you entwined and
    Your tender flesh and succulent nectar
    To taste upon their lip


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