Captain Cook & Cockatoo feathers: Botany Bay

A recent tag on instagram reminded me of this wonderful shoot I had with Geoffrey Cutts when I was in Australia (again!) at the end of last year.

This was such an enjoyable shoot for me – definitely one of my favourites of the trip – in part because it involved quite a bit of sightseeing along the way as well as great company in the sunshine. I’d worked with Geoff on a previous trip and knew how relaxed and friendly he was, and particularly remember really enjoying the leisurely pace and opportunity to explore the area around Botany Bay National Park… and marvel at stray cockatoo feathers.

44586021_2233010243642706_2689440153465782272_n (1)

From wikipedia:
‘The area is recognised for its outstanding heritage value to Australia as a place where botanist Sir Joseph Banks and naturalist Dr Daniel Solander collected plant specimens in 1770 as part of the first landing of the Endeavour in Australia. Banks and Solander collected a large number of iconic Australian plant species, including some that later became type-specimens which have important scientific and research value.

So, to celebrate, I got my kit off(!) and Geoff made these beautiful photographs in the type of bush land that would have been very ‘standard’ for him but which was amazing and cool to me, as a Brit…

44653841_318531925640962_7078413932704038912_n (1)44860002_183466549207938_3954386778953089024_n (1)44645690_273440309962703_6156867066566541312_n (1)44758957_687040941676229_4846612178238701568_n (1)44807402_175541176707972_2336110416842719232_n (1)

We also had the chance to take just ONE photograph down at the shore after clambering down, when a family turned up for a picnic almost immediately afterwards! It meant neither he nor I had the chance to refine things or make the most of the different textures/colours there, but I still think it’s a cool shot, and hats off to Geoff for keeping cool and collected about the interruption! I also vaguely remember a really hilarious moment here where Geoff was frantically flapping his hand at me trying to alert me to the fact that a boat was sailing past, behind me (with people who could clearly see me…) and I just thought he was trying to ask me to move slightly to my right/left for his composition… haha! Unintentional conspicuousness is an occasional job hazard.

44789022_1553647844780797_1076234236471541760_n (1)

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