Portraiture (a face off; one player only)

I should be replying to quite a few emails rather than updating my blog, but it’s Sunday and I’m getting SO good at work/life balance these days (lucky, since I recently spoke as an expert on a panel about the subject, invited as one of Oxford’s female bosses in relation to my natural skincare range, Leafology) – and today although I did detour to the studio to make a fresh batch of the hair serum I make out of 17 different plants(!) and pack a few orders ready to send tomorrow, I also spent a hefty amount of time this weekend relaxing, going for an afternoon drink and a walk around one of Oxford’s parks, going for dinner, reading, booking flights for my quick modelling trip to Holland which is happening at the end of this month, watching Harry Potter with my fat cat on my lap, watering plants, pottering and getting some exercise…

STILL, a blog won’t update itself, and I love squeezing these posts in to give a little window into shoots.  I’m keen to share some photos from one of my all-time favourite photograpers to work with, Jeff Wilson.

The problem(?), I’ve just realised there are at least 85 photos to show you and, basically, I’m going to inflict them all on you, right here right now. These photos are from 3 of our most recent shoots, at Upper Mills Studio in Gloucester, Pozer’s in Swindon and a BEAUTIFUL outdoor location with 15th century ruins/walls in Oxfordshire, which I’ll take you to if you ask…. Jeff has this knack of making me look very ethereal and romantic and he also, like me, loves to do a mixture of outdoor natural light and studio set ups. I’m very grateful to him for taking and sharing so many excellent photos! They are collected with great gratitidude – and of course we’re working together again soon.

Here’s an update from a few recent shoots we’ve done…

thumbnail_ella-19thumbnail_ella-20thumbnail_ella-22thumbnail_ella-32thumbnail_ella-33thumbnail_ella-34 (1)thumbnail_ellathumbnail_ella9jpgthumbnail_ella2019900-22thumbnail_ella2019900-24thumbnail_ella2019900-29thumbnail_ella2019900-34thumbnail_gabi-220948-a1518551771767ella45-9thumbnail_ella-26thumbnail_ella-30thumbnail_ella-34thumbnail_ella-35thumbnail_ella-36 (1)thumbnail_ella-41 (1)thumbnail_ella-10thumbnail_ella-12thumbnail_ella-14thumbnail_ella-1720948-a151751181599720948-a1517074630351thumbnail_ellarose-3thumbnail_ella19-3thumbnail_ella7-2thumbnail_ella6-20thumbnail_ella-104thumbnail_ella-72thumbnail_ella-46thumbnail_ella-41thumbnail_ella-39thumbnail_ella-38ella-57ella-63ellaellax30july-177-Editellathumbnail_ella-5thumbnail_ella-8thumbnail_ella-9thumbnail_ella-11thumbnail_ella-12thumbnail_ella-16thumbnail_ella-16thumbnail_ella-36ella-40ella-31ella-21ella-20ella-16ella-16 (1)ella-12ella-11ella-6ella-5ella-5ella-4ella -9ella -12ella -14ella 11ella -11ella- 3ella- 4ella- 7ella- 12ella- 21ella- 22ella-3ella -720948-a154333355901220948-a154155229375820948-a153259365564620948-a153252436408220948-a153155823129020948-a153114685004120948-a153114468922420948-a1531007769802_20948-a153234115691520948-a1544650410219

God help me in choosing which to upload to my portfolio… I love this blog, safe place for large collections and stories and movements across and within shoots. Minimalism is SO out. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Portraiture (a face off; one player only)

  1. I would have difficulty choosing even five out of this fabulous set. As beautiful as you are, the serenity in all of you work has me coming back again and again.against


  2. I agree. Minimalism is out! Beautiful collection of portraits! With each one, I imagine how I would have framed or adjusted contrast, etc. In a mine full of gold, how do you choose your favorite?


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