Babe in the woods?

Hi everyone! Thought I’d share some images from a recent shoot in the ancient woodland here in Oxfordshire, taken by the brilliant Bokehlicious. I’d modelled for him before, years ago, and was actually the one that suggested this shoot as I had an idea in mind.

I’ve seen a lot of outdoor lingerie shoots over the years that look beautiful, but also a lot that just look a bit odd, i.e. ‘Why would she be outdoors in her underwear?’ It can seem a bit incongruous and I’m personally more keen on images which have a sense of narrative (even if a nebulous one!). You could argue the same about nudes (‘why would she be outdoors without any clothes on? What’s going on here?’) but, for me, nudes have always been instinctively natural. That probably doesn’t make much sense, but there you go!

Anyway, I LOVE lingerie and have a huge collection so it’s something I’d like to remember to shoot more of. I have a very natural, classical look and didn’t go for a full-on ‘glamour’ vibe with these, more something that straddles ‘commercial-ish’ and ‘romantic’, maybe.

Which (if any) are your favourites?

1.D6C_4558 S2.D6C_4561 S (1)3.D6C_4567 S (1)4.D6C_4585 S5.D6C_4609 S6.D6C_4627 S (1)7.D6C_4644 S (1)8.D6C_4649 S (1)9.D6C_4651 S10.D6C_4655 S11.D6C_4658 S12.D6C_4663 S13.D6C_4698 S (1)14.D6C_4706 S (1)15.D6C_4733 S16.D6C_4756 S (1)17.D6C_4774 S18.D6C_4779 S19.D6C_4788 S20.D6C_4501 S (1)21.D6C_4507 S22.D6C_4515 S23.D6C_4529 S24.D6C_4535 S (1)25.D6C_4819 S (1)26.D6C_4821 S27.D6C_4827 S28.D6C_4828 S (1)29.D6C_4829 S

5 thoughts on “Babe in the woods?

  1. I must admit a bias, but do love the femininity and grace you bring to images 21-25.
    I also love the colour of 5-6 and the timeless images of 20 and 26.
    You need to know you look wonderful in each style Ella.


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