Copyright: Sitron

‘There is need [...] to commend to you her real ability to take a brief; build and develop it and then create stunning poses, full of pathos and elegance, that simply love and adore the camera. [...] Ella is a multi-talented model who can interpret your brief with enormous skill and projected emotion. Do not pass up any opportunity to work with this very interesting lady.’

Sitron Photography

Copyright: Stefano Brunesci

‘Ella is one of my favourite models – always professional, always a joy to work with, great fun to be around… I was most impressed by her creativity, charm and unfussy attitude. Very professional in her pre-shoot communications, turned up on time and worked tirelessly without complaining once despite my rather chilly studio. An absolute treasure – book her before before word gets around or you won’t get a chance!’

Stefano Brunesci


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