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Photography: Jeff Wilson

Thank you for considering hiring me for your project. I welcome all enquiries, questions and ideas, whether it’s last minute or far in advance, and wherever in the world you are.

Below this contact form are some answers to some FAQs about working with me. Please scroll down to read.


~ Thank you! ~


Information & FAQs: The Practical Side of Things

I’ve tried to be comprehensive, but if you have a specific question I haven’t covered, just ask…

Hair & make up
I come to shoots with my hair loose and naturally curly, unless something else is requested in advance. I am able to do my make up to a high standard, from ‘natural’ to ‘evening/glamorous’ (most of what you’ll see is done by me); if you want extra bold/intricate make up, I can recommend or help find a make up artist.

My wardrobe collection is vast and diverse. (My personal taste is eclectic/colourful/feminine/bohemian/glamorous.) If you give me a rough idea of what you’d like to do in advance, I can provide lots of things in different styles for shoots, including ballet tutus, skirts and pointe shoes, wedding dresses (Vintage Victorian and modern) and bridal corsets, bright sports/dance/yoga-wear, colourful and casual fashion, glamorous evening dresses and sophisticated ball gowns, beautiful lingerie (lace, silk, sheer, flowing, vintage, diaphanous, bright and modern…), romantic pre-Raphaelite clothing, plus jewellery, accessories, props, isis wings (I have two pairs of these bellydance props!), silk dance veils, world costumery and lots more to add texture and interest to imagery. I have a habit of bringing too much, so you will be spoiled for choice.

If you want to work with me but aren’t sure what theme/style you’d like to experiment with, I may be able to help come up with an idea for us. Just ask!

Copyright: Ken Pegg

Copyright: Ken Pegg

Events, Tuition and Workshops
I’m very experienced at modelling for tuition/workshops (fashion, wedding, portraiture, boudoir and nude). I’m relaxed and friendly, and good at putting people at ease. I can pose fluidly with or without direction, as is required.

Artists, painters and other media
Posing for painters/sculptors is very different from posing for photographers. I’m experienced at both and welcome enquiries from artists working with various media.

Q: Can I make a painting/drawing from an image I’ve seen of you?
A: Probably, BUT You will need prior permission from the copyright holder as well as from me, and there may be some conditions. Please enquire first and respect the law with regards to creating derivative work, as well as respecting my role as the subject. Thanks!

Character References
Before working with someone I haven’t met before, I always seek character references from other models. If these are not readily viewable on an industry networking site, please don’t be offended when I ask you to pass me some contact details. This is important for safety/professional reasons and standard practice. If you are new to working with models, this is no problem but I may ask that we work in a public or studio location (rather than a private home studio or secluded location) for the first session.

Please see this page to read some of my feedback from those who have previously hired me.

Copyright: Robbie Wraith ('Postcards', watercolour)

Copyright: Robbie Wraith (‘Postcards’, watercolour)

Rates & Fees
Please contact me for a price for your booking, giving as much information as you can about what we’ll be doing. My rates are industry standard and set to reflect my time, skills and experience as well as the effort and care I put in to each individual session. They include any make up, hair and styling that I do myself, and the use of any wardrobe/props I bring.

After our session, I will be delighted to see your results (please share them with me!) and wish you every success with your creative goals (many have gone on to be published, sold, exhibited, displayed on the front of book covers or won competitions) but please note that I am unlikely to give permission for images of me to be sold on as generic ‘stock images’ to third parties/organisations for uses unspecified in advance, unless this is the express purpose of the shoot, discussed and agreed prior to it. This is to protect me from the awkward possibility of finding myself advertising products or in contexts with which I may not be comfortable.

Please note that the overall booking time includes any adjustments to make up, travel between locations, reasonable food/drink breaks and, location-dependent, opportunities to warm up/pause between sets.

After an initial booking, if you wish to make a multiple (‘block’) booking of several dates within a short space of time, a discount may be appropriate.

My business is tax-registered, and I can supply invoices and receipts on request. Payment is to be made either in advance or on the day, and can be made in cash, by paypal or by portable card machine (please mention in advance if you’d like me to bring this to our shoot). I take respect for other people’s time very seriously and hope that you will do the same when booking me; if you have to cancel a booking within 7 days of the arranged date, I will be understanding but may ask that you pay the full amount regardless, so that any costs can be covered. (If this happens, I may view the payment as credit for a future shoot, depending on the circumstances.)

I pride myself on doing a good job and genuinely love performing well. I want you to feel you have received value for money above and beyond what you expected, enjoy yourself and get the results you’re after. I am friendly, down to earth (not a diva!), patient and easy to work with, and have an extremely high proportion of re-bookings from previous artists and clients.

Each session is a collaboration for me and I get quite excited about doing the best I can on any given booking.

Copyright: Gary Sandy

Copyright: Gary Sandy

Travel & Locations
I’ve modelled in many different countries across different continents, from the Scottish Highlands to Penzance, from Mexico to Iceland and from the Mediterranean to the Middle East; in ancient forests, lakes and waterfalls, derelict buildings, ruins, grand houses and beautiful modern hotels; underwater, in deserts, in geothermal pools and geysers, against famous city landmarks, in cobbled colonial streets and flower gardens; in the sea, on the beach and in swimming pools, up mountains, on rock faces, on the tops of cliffs, and in sunshine, rain, frost and snow. I thrive on variety and am a traveller at heart; my portfolio is a catalogue of moments and places I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

Ella Rose

General notes:

I live in Oxfordshire, with easy access to London, and often organise trips around different parts of the UK (especially when prompted!). Meanwhile, I’m available for bookings in ‘local’ areas such as London, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and the Midlands.

As well as flitting about within the UK, there are a number of places I visit regularly (e.g. once or twice each per year):

EUROPE (Italy, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Scotland, Belgium, Norway, Iceland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands).

& sometimes




(Just ask for details, or to influence my itinerary. Excuses to visit your corner of Earth are welcome.)

 …Or you can come to me!
I live ‘out in the sticks’ in Oxfordshire and therefore have acres of ancient woodland, open spaces & flowers/bluebells/cornfields (seasonal!), fields, stone walls & avenues of trees on my doorstep. I love shooting here and sometimes offer a slight discount as it’s so convenient for me. Nearby, there are ancient ruins, rivers & parks. The streets and architecture of Oxford itself are also very easy on the eye, made famous in many a film/TV series!
If you prefer a studio, I can recommend some friendly, professional ones, local or otherwise.
Some extra info:
  • I do not list the dates/details of my trips online, as they are so frequently subject to change/addition/substraction… I receive many enquiries daily and my schedule is constantly evolving; for my availability for your project, please just ask.
  • If your location is not currently mentioned in my plans, please get in touch and register your interest; that way, I can contact you directly when visiting your area in the future, ensuring you don’t miss out. Alternatively, I urge you to just invite me for a specific booking; I can then organise further assignments in your area, if you prefer to share out my travel costs. Often a single advance booking can kick start a mini ‘tour’!
  • If you’d like my help/recommendations with booking a studio or location, I am happy to assist.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss a booking or have any queries. I look forward to hearing from you!