‘Ella is such an accomplished model, such an intelligent and creative mind and such a match to my preferred styles both in looks and temperament. What is particularly impressive about Ella is how easily she takes on a role or idea. Somehow she makes everything seem quite simple but in reality she is incredibly talented and is in command of all the skills you might expect of a first rate model, blended with the spirit of an artist and performer and a relaxed and pleasant personality.

Having worked with Ella – I do hope we get more chances to shoot in the future as I know she brings something very special and I suspect she could have nothing but a positive influence on my future artistic development.’

Andy Green Photography

‘If I was to leave a reference each time I had a shoot, Ella would have a long list of positive references from me. I’ve forgotten how many shoots I’ve had with Ella its been so many. A great personality and very passionate and knowledgable of all things artistic which makes a huge difference to the dynamic of the shoot. Both trying to create something special. It is like working with a kindred spirit to create something beautiful. I am sometimes a little intimidated when I book a new model thats well established and has a great portfolio but Ella is really laid back and friendly. If you see how many people book her again and again its obvious how talented Ella is.’

Matt McCosh – Perception Photography


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