‘Intelligent, witty, innovativly creative and the original muse…but that you already knew.

What I soon found out was, that this woman’s beauty shines just as brightly from the inside, as it does from her peaches and cream skin.

One of the most grounded and gracious women, I have ever met. A like minded hippie and soul sister.’

Raphaella Withlove

‘I have enjoyed three shoots with Ella-Rose now, spanning from a few hours to adventures of several days in duration. Right from the start, I was delighted by her intelligent approach to modelling and dancer’s instinct. This means that Ella-Rose is able to conjure moments of extraordinary elegance and utter beauty that will leave you gasping in amazement. […] Ella Rose has been game enough to tackle the physical challenges that working with me often entails; hiking the coastpath, climbing down cliffs, wading into ponds etc., with a warm smile. Totally charming, highly interesting and great company, there is a profound sense of joy evident in what this lady does; I defy anyone not to feel inspired.’