Peaches and Cream

I love the soft creamy peachy hues in these shots taken recently by Richard Lund, taken recently at Karen Jones’ amazing abode. A nice chance to use some new-ish pretty lacy lingerie and air my new ‘Robin’ autumnal scarf as well. Richard was very enthusiastic and fun to work with, as always.

Stay tuned for Karen’s shots, coming soon – we got some beauties, despite the three of us spending what felt like most of the time chatting and drinking tea, and there was even a visit from Cupid in front of the lens…! 🙂

Lioness Lightplay

This was such a fun shoot. Neil Snape‘s photography, specialising in fashion and beauty, is exquisite, and I admit I felt a bit nervous to be shooting with someone whose day job involves shooting world-renowned fashion models for world-renowned products and campaigns, but when in Paris…

Neil is so passionate and joyful about the possiblities of lighting in this mirror project, and was a delight to work with. He has since told me he is having trouble choosing final edits as they are all so special. *ego boost*!! Although a far cry from being a supermodel in height/measurements, apparently I’m alright… 😉 I’ve seen a couple more shots from this session already so far, but will post more another time, as soon as possible. Thanks Neil!

I just find this shot so stunning; the warmth and fiery glow, and the hunter pose…

Faerie Queen

My new website is finally online!

Ta da!!!!

It’s by no means finished and I already have a LOT of brand new photos to add to it, bits and pieces to edit and sort out and general perfectionism-type tweaking and tampering to do (I also really need to work out how to make the contact form work!), but I decided it was silly to wait until some magical moment when it became ‘perfect’ before uploading it, as a) people keep asking me where my website is, and b) there will never come such a moment. I also intend to update it fairly regularly, so it will always be a work in progress in a sense.

The beautiful image on my homepage was created by Pat Brennan of I was absolutely blown away when I saw her interpreation of a photograph of me taken by Keith Cooper. I had waffled to her vaguely about the possibility of something twinkly and unique, having admired her enchanted style for a long time, and she knew exactly what to do. I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful! Go and visit her website if you haven’t already!

 I have twelve individual, themed galleries on my new website. Please go and check it out!

The following shots, taken by Rebecca Parker (Moonmomma’s daughter!) at Ravenshaw, near Birmingam, will go into the ‘Faerie’ gallery. Becky came along to a shoot I did with Tim Pile and also did the make up for me here (and the headdressing).

(Tangent: I was so inspired by Becky’s incredible, enormous make up palettes… again… that I’ve just gone and ordered my own from ebay. There’s a Hong Kong based shop on there which does the most incredible range of professional quality make up at incredibly cheap prices. I am so excited, having just ordered 96 colourful eyeshadows in a range of shimmer/matte textures, 88 nude/brown eyeshadows, 66 lip colours and 28 blushers. Considering how slimline and light the palettes are, with their glossy lids with mirrors inside, this will, believe it or not, probably weigh less than my current more mis-fitting make up collection, and possibly even take up less space.) I absolutely love having my make up done by other people, not because I’m not skilled at it (I’m pretty good at it, having had years of experience doing it on myself), but because it’s always interesting to see what choices other people make when considering your face and colouring. I would never think to use peach eyeshadow on myself as I generally suit cooler tones better than warm ones, but Becky made it look incredible.

Tim and Becky are good friends and often shoot together nowadays; I think they make an excellent team. Their complementary approaches mean they can help each other consider fresh ideas without overlapping too much and getting the same images. Becky is interested in portraiture and beauty (amongst other things), focussing on the emotion and expression of the model, while Tim has a wonderful eye for the larger picture, spotting locations with eye-catching potential and using shapes and perspectives to create a scene in which the model can insert herself. They are both great to work with and the location, a peaceful never-ending garden with bridges, lakes, reeds was simply beautiful. Such a relaxing place to be in. 

Anyway, I very much hope to be able to show some images from Tim soon, to show what I mean, but, for now (finally, I’m getting to the evidence) here are some from Becky which show me as a bit of a faerie queen. 🙂


Commercial/lifestyle with Chris Rout

I’d be meaning to work Chris Rout for over a year before I finally got around to it. I needed some lifestyle shots for my commercial agencies and have always admired the incredible way Chris captures light; his work is so fresh and natural, which was exactly what I needed, so the 5-hour trip (each way) to Middlesbrough was well worth the time and effort. I couldn’t believe how quickly he worked. We got through over 20 sets, I think, with many of them finished within just 3-4 shots! Chris also needed some natural-looking stock styles (many of which I haven’t included here), so it was a great exchange.

Also, in case you missed it on my rather smug (sorry!) facebook status (page here), the hotel I stayed in before the shoot had a cancellation and I was offered a free upgrade to an enormous room with two beds (one being a double four poster), gorgeous antique-looking furniture and a stained glass bay window. Brilliant! I hardly ever stay in hotels, so it’s always quite a novelty anyway.

Back to the images. I won’t lie, there’s a lot (A LOT) of cheese here. Good, wholesome ‘don’t you just love life?’ stuff… Brace yourselves!

(… And as you can see, I’m struggling to limit these down to just a few favourites. As the whole idea of commercial/lifestyle portfolio shots is for the potential client to see what you would look like in a given ‘scenario’, it’s all about seeing/showing yourself in different ways and from different points of view… So thoughts and opinions are very welcome, as always.)

Kicking off with ‘Casual Ella’:

‘Purple Dress (dangerously close to editorial but not allowing ourselves to go there for more than a couple of shots) Ella’:

‘Health and Beauty Ella’ (including ‘my elbow hurts’):

‘Catalogue Ella’:

‘Hanging out in lingerie Ella’ (kicking off this time with ‘my stomach hurts’/’perhaps I’m pregnant’):

‘Office Ella’ (including ‘let’s talk business’ Ella and my personal favourite, ‘really really excited, office has won the lottery’ Ella):

‘Safari Ella’:

‘Mumsy Ella’:

‘Bikini Frolics’ and ‘Action Ella’:

And ‘Ballerina Ella’:

What a productive day!