Some results!

I did promise one commentator some results from my day at the Victorian Pub event in Oxford, and as I’m on a bit of an admin roll (I’ve just updated my availability on my website, having recently decided to make some time available for September bookings. Last minute I know, but maybe you’ll have read my previous post…) I thought I would post some of the images. Many thanks to the kind photographers who have offered me the chance to show them off! It was a great day, lots of fun and I think the photographers enjoyed the unusual location and potential it gave for some funky images. Here are my favourites:

From Martyn Davis (who took one look at this penguin and agreed we had to use it):

 From the lovely Karen Jones, who I’ve managed to work with about a million times now:

Photodorset and FiresSecret

I had a shoot recently with Photodorset in the forest, fields, avenue of trees, flowers and open spaces near my house in Oxfordshire, featuring another model, FiresSecret. The shots required were natural and relaxed ones – nothing overly posed, which made for a very pleasant shoot with lots of candid shots of FiresSecret and I chatting and joking around (there are LOTS of shots of us laughing at each other and being silly, which is always nice – maybe one day I’ll add a ‘bloopers’/’outtakes’ gallery to my website – I have plenty of material from this shoot alone!!)

These are some of my favourites: