A Horse, a Cosmic Skirt, Mints & Buttercups

I was going to serve up some mountainous goodness next, but instead, I have been distracted by yesterday’s longest day-ness, such that I’m going to quickly squeeze in a few sunny shots from a recent leisurely afternoon spent once more with Karen Jones. We’ve worked together many times (and will be doing so again soon), and she’s another photographer who’s great at coming up with different ideas each time, throwing new props at me and even letting me pose with a horse again (this time it was the rather pretty-headed Joss, who Karen’s husband kept reminding me was ‘just a big dog’.). Joss loves mints. And grass. πŸ™‚ I was at the same time having serious befuddlement over whether or not to keep a recent purchase, my ‘cosmic skirt’ (so called, obviously, because it has planets and stars on it, as all good skirts must..), so I thought I’d put it on and see how it photographs for some gypsy bohemia, avec a bunch of Karen’s lavender (and then I thought I’d imagine how that might translate to some hot beach somewhere someday..). We then found a little moss-covered nymph perch, for which Karen covered my head in a wreath of rose buds for a few quick shots… And then, it would have seemed a real shame not to dunk ourselves amidst a field swimming in buttercups.

Any favourites?

Now, today, I WILL master my plans for Iceland and Germany next month. I will I will I will.

Mr Cupid

Hello! It’s been a while and I meant to post these shots (taken a few weeks ago) before I left for the land of tiny dogs, vast desert wilderness, supersized soft drinks andΒ ‘manual stairs’ (because the ones where you have to actually use your legs are apparently remarkable rather than the norm, according to one overheard American). How lucky am I, getting to shoot with such a beautiful, ethereal looking horse as Cupid last month? Photographer Karen Jones isn’t bad either of course. πŸ™‚ Just a quick set we did – horses aren’t the easiest mammals to control and it was all a bit of an experiment to hopefully work on more another time. Isn’t he lovely? The second is a fun outtake, where I look at him in excited dreamyment. πŸ˜‰