Lynn Creek Canyon


This is just another quick update, probably the last before I get home to the good old UK on 16th Dec and inflict upon my readers post after post of exciting new photos I have received by email over the last couple of months! I feel so lucky to have worked with some incrediblely talented photographers recently, whose work I have truly admired for a looooong time. I definitely feel like I am achieving things I never thought possible, in terms of modelling – working with people from all corners of the world who I did not (note there is no apostrophe on this Costa Rican keyboard, so everything is sounding a bit convoluted and formal) imagine I would meet let alone get together with as equals and create some cooool stuff. I still feel like I have way more to do though and am looking forward to some shoots I have coming up which will show that I enjoy expanding my range and thrive on new challenges.

Kicking off some updates then, here are some images I received from the brilliant Christopher Ryan. These were taken in Lynn Creek Canyon Park in Vancouver a couple of months ago. Film, as seemed to be the medium of choice in that part of the world. Thank you Chris for a great day and I hope to visit again sometime!

Turning the Wheels

Sometimes, you’ve just got to cartwheel across the grass. It’s an overwhelming urge, especially when you used to do gymnastics (I spent hours and hours doing ’round offs’ in the garden. Cartwheeling and hand standing always makes me feel about 8 years old).

These were all taken on the Isle of Wight by Mark Davy-Jones, whose whimsical, sometimes ‘twisted’, style of post processing is brilliant, and who I’ll hopefully be working with again at some point next year. Mark and his lovely wife kindly fed and put me up overnight amongst their gorgeous maine coon cats (sadly I failed to entice one onto my bed at night).

I’m modelling here alongside Miss Kayleigh Lush, who you’ll have seen on this blog before. Click to enlarge as always…

At the beach! … And around the house (when the house is a spanish villa!)

Just a few more from Spain (see last post)… This time by Gregory Brown.

 (Yes, b&w/colour indecision – I have many versions of each!)


 More soon…

Greg and John (already!) have a fantastic book available featuring Hannah Ashlea, the other model on the trip, and I. Check it out if you’d like to own some copies of the photographs they took during the week: Andelusianudes, by Gregory Brown and John Evans.