Henry VIII, Candy Pop, Mocha, Ariel, Black Lace & Carnival – CORSETS CORSETS CORSETS!

Today’s offering: some newly-shown images of me in an array of corsets, courtesy of my appearance at the Oxford Conference of Corsetry.

The range of styles I wore on the day was brilliant, with each outfit showing real personality and individuality. 
I loved the day – it was such a pleasure to be invited back to the next one, which is not too far away now!
Designs by Karolina Zarzycka (Henry VIII eat your heart out!); taken by Scott Chalmers in the chapel of Jesus College. 

By ‘Tighter Corsets’; photography by Scott Chalmers again, and bra and panties by Karolina Laskowska:
By ‘Wyte Phantom’; photography by Chris Murray:

by ‘Ties that Bynde’; photography by Chris Murray:
By Karolina Laskowska; photography by Chris Murray:
And finally, by Lisa Newport; photography by Chris Murray: