Ourania ascending Mount Wilson

I have some stunning new artwork to share with you this early Friday evening before I go out, courtesy of photographer and digital artist Jeff Wack. Based in LA, Jeff’s work has been used in some major international advertisements and campaigns, and his personal work includes this ‘Sensuous Muse’ project, which depicts a variety of muses and goddesses from various mythologies, more of which can be seen here. With me on this shoot was the delightful Aussie model Anoush Anou, who will be heading to the UK in the early summer time… (photographers take note!). 🙂

The image below is inspired by the painting ‘Ein Wiederfinden’ (A Reunion), by Eduard Veith, along with the stories of Ourania, one of Zeus’ daughters who became known as the goddess of astronomy.

As for the significance of the LA landmark, Jeff tells me that there were some important astronomical discoveries made there long ago. The growing city lights obscured the viewing and the older observatories there have long taken a back seat to the more modern communication towers you see in the scene. The area is prone to bush fires, and in terms of intent, the idea is to play on releasing the past with ties to the present…

So, here I am as Ourania, ascending Mount Wilson.

Purple Haze

I had a visit from a photographer this morning – he’d come over to my house especially to drop off a memory stick of images for me before I go away. How thoughtful!!

You might have seen my work with Keith Cooper before, as I’ve modelled for him quite a few times now. The set I’m showing below from our second-most recent shoot back in April (at Cheltenham Film Studios) is an expansion on a theme of decadence, luxury and nudes with jewel coloured fabrics and drapes. I have since shot with him alongside Ivory Flame in an amazing setting with an exciting theme inspired by Waterhouse. See previous stuff here: http://ellarosestory.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/luxury.html and here: http://ellarosestory.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/pre-raphaelite-goodness.html. I have more to show from this shoot (from some other sets we did); will leave those for another time though.

Lots of lounging around here – need to pick a favourite! 🙂

When We Had Summer

It’s feeling all autumnal now, which I absolutely love. The air is cooler and I have somehow acquired a brilliant selection of quirky and funky woollen knit ‘statement’ jumpers and scarves over the last few months, which definitely deserve a ‘casual fashion or portraiture’ shoot or two. I hope I get to do a brown, yellow and gold posing-in-fallen leaves type of shot at some point, though I’m sending myself off to summer (aka California) for October, so we shall see what I manage to achieve around that.

If you’d like to work with me this year, I’m taking bookings for November and December now. I may well be in Australia etc next year, if I can work a few things out, and I do hope to be doing lots of European trips again too (Plus Ireland and Scotland at some point), but that’s way off, so please do email me to say hello at ellarosemuse@live.co.uk if you want to arrange some time with me. I’d love to hear from you!

Some of the following shots were taken on a day which was just such an absolute pleasure to be outside on, with warm glowy light and a gentle breeze so perfect for beautiful flattering shots – so much so that I’ve spotted that photographer Max Operandi has named one of the image files ‘When we had summer’. 🙂

(Ian has also posted the colour version of the shot above over on his redbubble site, and I really really love that one. You can see it here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/maxoperandi/works/8895823-nude-with-a-raleigh)

And more Ian sent me from the day we shot together as part of a Yerbury Fine Art Nude masterclass at Pipewell Hall:

With Zoi:

And proof that I don’t always take things too seriously…

Sunday: three little updates

Hello all! Hope you’re enjoying your various weekends. I’m having such a nice one – went to not-one-but-two birthday celebrations yesterday daytime and evening and had lots of fun (though it meant I was unable to go to another friend’s shindig/Paradise Garden fest in London or a festival my boyfriend had threatened to take me to in France (but we couldn’t really make it in the end anyway)… All very triple-quadruple booked, and I’m normally no way near this popular, but it’s funny how things all seem to happen at once!!) 🙂 Meanwhile, I’m just dreaming of a chance to go and see the new Ice Age film! And watching the final tonight!!! I am GUTTED that Germany did not go through, and will now have to support my third favourites, Spain (but am still deciding!).

So anyway, today is very leisurely and has consisted so far of finishing the novel ‘One Day’, which I loved, procrastinating wildly about doing the next section of my online course, failing spectactularly at replying to emails yet so far (though it is technically the weekend!). Excitingly, though, I hope to finish putting together a book I’ve been working on for a while now, featuring some of my favourite photographs (of myself; vain I know, but I really want something to remember all this by!!). Cannot wait to check the first copy and see it in print!!

So in amongst all this faffing and procrastinating and getting-things-done (I also intend to dye my old pointe shoes black, sort out my accounts/tax, acknowledge the fact that I need to address the monumentally boring task of choosing a new phone as my contract is about to run out, sort out my diary for Sept, Nov and Dec (when I am available for bookings, should anyone be interested!), and maybe even take my chihuahua for a walk/jog, I thought I’d top up my blog with a few stand-alone shots from recent times.

By Steven Billups, whose images I love and who I will be working with again this month in Germany. (Shot taken in an extremely BOILING part of Mexico; we didn’t last long out there):

By Max Operandi, who also shot me after this summery shoot at a Yerbury workshop a short time later; I’ve seen some of his shots from both, other than this one, and I think they are amazing. Can’t wait to show off more as soon as I can.

And a charcoal by Kristian Mumford, an Australian artist who used a shot by Christopher Ryan (with permission) for the basis of this work. (See images by Christopher Ryan from our shoot here: Lynn Creek Canyon). Kristian plans to create a whole series of artwork using my modelling images as inspiration, which is rather nice!

Finery Drapery

I’m back from a very successful and enjoyable trip to Paris (more on that later, I promise!) and have some new shots to show from photographer ‘Penfoldpc‘, taken in Worcestershire last month. We had lots of fun shooting in various styles, but the following are my favourites. Paul wanted to create a very classical scene based around the natural nude. I like these a lot!

There is something about the colour red that always works so well. Just a slither of it is so beautiful!

Costume changes!

I love these shots by Mike Croshaw, taken recently at a studio day (its first!) at Cheltenham FilmPhoto Studios. Considering we only had a two hour slot together, and quite a bit of the beginning was taken up with me having to be laced into my wedding dress (I doubt any bride ever had to dress herself…), I think it’s impressive how much we got done. Here are a few from our session together. Very much looking forward to working with Mike again sometime. And for anyone interested in trying out the studio, I’d recommend it and can get you a good deal!

I’ve not really done ‘pin-up’ before, but Mike wanted to give the theme a try with me and I really enjoyed playing the part of a 50s cheeky-grinned starlet. I’d love to give pin up a real go, actually – I think it could possibly suit me quite well. Thanks Mike for choosing something fun and new to shoot with me!

This next shot has featured here before, but in the interests of comprehensiveness (of themes covered)… Gorgeous lighting and soft pastel hues:

I happened to have brought my brand new Asian bridal saree along with me to the shoot, in hopes of shoe-horning it into a session… I think it’s so stunning – I really really love ‘World’ costumery and I love India in particular so much. I spent some time there a few years ago (mainly in the north) and have been aching to go back ever since. Every year I tell myself it will be THIS year. I think it’s such a beautiful country, and I love how brightly coloured the women’s clothing is, as well; fanciful decoration and ornate, intricate beading is everywhere, and there is no such thing as too much adornment. It’s impossible to take a bad street shot there! Mike and I think a plainer background would probably have worked better for this shot (or I would love to shoot with it in a grand house, with the full works!), but for the garment’s first airing I do love this.

Below is a composite image in a classical ‘Old Masters’ style, which is a theme more traditionally suited to my strengths…

And finally we spent some time doing some movement and ‘swirly’ images. I love the golden curves of the fabric here, and its flaring wisp to my left in the composition (camera right?).

…Let me know which you like! 🙂

Superhero Rose & talks with Aslan

You never know what you’re going to get when an email from Rayment Kirby arrives in your inbox. I’m a bit in love with these. The first one casts me as an angelic, peace-giving Superhero (well, that’s my interpretation of it anyway!), gently administering good will and benevolence to all humanity below. Ha. This should probably be on my business cards (ya know, the ones I rarely remember to actually give out). Seriously though, I love this image! Thanks Rayment.

I love the second one too – so warming to look at in our current snowy conditions! I wonder what hot havoc I’m stirring up.

And now, to cool things down again quite considerably, here is how beautiful the woodland park where I live is looking at the moment (OK, I don’t actually live in the forest, though I did see a tent there recently which made me sad… Seriously, I would HATE to be homeless at the moment. Well, ever; but particularly now). Such a perfect scene for Narnia-esque imaginations…

Finally, an irrelevant and unnecessary facial appearance from my cat, Sascha Tom, aka Mr Fluffy Bum/King Fluffalot/’my darling big boy’ (sometimes I address his highness as the latter in earshot of my not-quite-boyfriend, to freak him out for my own amusement), mostly due to his particular talent in the heft and fluff departments.

Well, I had to test out my new camera with a willing (lazy) subject, didn’t I? He has been following me around obsessively for the last few days, maintaining entire conversations with me around the subject of ‘Meeuugh’ and ‘Meeuh?’. He’s a rescue cat, and couldn’t purr for years (or perhaps he was hard to please and wanted us to earn the audible evidence of his pleasure), but now, I’m happy to say, he is an accomplished maker of the rumbling throat music. He also once tried to follow me into the bath (though changed his mind in mid-air and managed a sharp reverse). He’s cool. I love him a lot. Look at his lion face.

I’ve had so many dreams about Aslan appearing (only to stare at me, wisely; he doesn’t tend to say much, after all) in my backgarden. Those precious moments normally serve to punctuate the episodes of intense warfare where I (with bafflingly extensive abilities to be violent) have to single-handedly save the world or run and hide (usually through rivers or in caves; I think my unconcscious mind is a few centuries behind current events) from world-destroying bastards. It can go either way.