Running in Heels

A big hello to Tony and Jennifer Ornstien, who are currently upside down in New Zealand, flown south for winter! The following shots were taken by Tony in and around their house. I like the blur and voyeuristic aspect which some of them have – they’re a bit strange and interesting, glamorous and gritty! Lingerie outdoors, statues facing the other way, running in the leaves… I love them. (Dress, belt and shoes provided, lingerie and warm coat my own!)

Having worked with Tony a few times previously (this blog post, ‘Bedroom Glamour’, was very popular!), I was very kindly given a collage of prints from previous shoots recently. I really appreciate having physical prints of some of the things I get up to! As for Tony and Jennifer, they currently have a corner in their house for me! 🙂

In which I bang at the door

Although I’ve been lucky enough to have been featured in photographic displays and art exhibtions, in and on photography and fine art coffee books, in calendars, on websites, billboards and promotional material, on a CD cover, in newspapers, magazines and commercial catalogues, I’d never managed to grace the front cover of a novel…

… Until now!!!

I’m very happy about this as you can probably imagine!

Holly of Jewelled Earth fame has only gone and done it again and come through on her mission to get me on a book cover – a first for her as a photographer too, so we’re both very pleased (I could hear Holly’s squeals of excitement via email!). Of her submission to an agent last year, two of her images of me were selected for two different novels, and both images were taken during one session in Oxford during which I flitted around, ran across a courtyard as though being chased, lay on the floor dreamily (or as though dead, depending on interpretation, and most amusingly to passersby) and posed tragically against the imposingly huge doors of the city’s much-celebrated architecture. The latter was evidently the chosen narrative!

We only have one of the covers available to see at the moment, ‘Gospa Od Sedam Brezuljaka’ by Jean Plaidy (Croatia), which seems to translate roughly to ‘Our Lady of the Seven Hills’. Image below:

The other cover is Les larmes des innocentes’ by Joachim S Valdez in France, and mainly involves my feet (yes, taken during my enthusiastic efforts at playing dead)..! Will show that one when I see it.

The Sea, The Sea (I ran by it)

And I ran a little bit IN it, which was nice. Being by the sea makes me so inexplicably happy; I deeply envy those who live near it and as if it’s just some other landmark or view. The ocean excites me sooo much; partly in a perverse way, since it terrifies me slightly (think of the ghosts down there; the sailors who gulped their last watery breaths alone; the bones; the deep, thundery laps of water rolling over itself and the bus-sized creatures who lurk, glass-eyed, past each other, having changed very little since the dinosaur age; the creaking sounds of ships and debris; the hunting noises and the dull squawks of the gulls over the water…. See, I even love sea gulls). Being at the shore-line is always magical. So you can see why I was quite excited to be working with John Kent down in Bournemouth recently.

We worked primarily on some stock images; running down the beach – lust for life, that kind of thing. My calves hurt a LOT the next day. I’d forgotten how running on sand can take its toll, especially if you don’t warm up..!

Then, I spent some time spinning and twirling under an arch, wearing pretty clothes. I do love my job!