Berkeley Castle Charity Shoot

I had the opportunity to help out the Cotswold Care Hospice recently by taking part in a shoot designed to raise awareness of the Cotswold’s charity shops in the run up to Christmas. I am hugely pro shopping in charity shops and love to think that the clothes and items I buy there have their own histories. I know some people can be squeamish about this kind of thing, but I would urge anyone to have a look and challenge them not to find something cool to buy!

The shoot took place in Berkeley Castle. I’ve shot there before and know how jaw-droppingly stunning a location it is, which kind of sealed the deal for me, as well as the fact that it was a chance to work with Simon Walden again. Simon did my second ever shoot so I was keen to show some improvement the second time around! He is a great character – full of energy and enthusiasm.

It was a fun day! From left to right: Marianne (Care Hospice), Simon, Ashley Williams (hair stylist), Marcus (Care Hospice and photographer), Emma, Kas, moi, Rob Golding (photographer), Kate Parker (stylist).

Some shots from the day:

And finally, part of the shoot was a mini Christmas party scene! It felt very bizarre doing this in early October, but somehow I’ve felt a bit Christmassy ever since. The table was very luxuriously dressed, but, sadly, the wine tasted of sprite….. Ah well. Cheers!!