You think it’s just a normal day…

… Just hanging out in the studio with Mark Bigelow, standing on one leg, playing with shapes and silhouettes against an azure sky, merrily enjoying the space and the urge to explore the possibilities of oriental fingers…

Little (until afterwards) do you realise a little Ivory Flame-shaped ninja floating into the scene and hovering quietly behind you, ominously gravity-defying and waiting to pounce. This is actually how she entered the studio, you may assume.

(Dear Holly: This is the image I was talking about today.)

Seconds later, I got my own back (kind of):

Fun times!

… And still a LOT more to come from different sets.

This might sound immediately weird to anyone who doesn’t know instantly what I’m talking about, but some of these images remind me, for some reason, of little sand pictures of lizards I once bought in Tenerife.

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