I love these recent shots from Karen Jones, taken in her barn in Milton Keynes. This was the fourth time we’d met, and the third time we’d worked together. When Karen contacted me for a booking and mentioned ‘flower fairies’ as an inspiration, I got quite excited as I loved the illustrations (by Cicely Mary Barker) when I was younger. We were definitely on the same wavelength as to how these should look – pretty, innocent and girly, without being overly ‘fancy dress’. The wings were light and sheer, and the moth ones in particular were beautifully-shaped – they made me want to flit around!

The first two here are probably my favourites – I just love the lighting and treatment, and think they have a strange, magical, mysterious feel to them. The second two are more disney-like, I think, in pastel colours (and probably closer to what we’d intended to achieve).

More to come from this shoot, as we also deviated from the theme fairly significantly after fairy time…