The greatest challenge of all…

… Thinking about what we are doing.

My dream…
…To see a part of the world which is completely unspoilt. The careful, decisive undoing of ruin; a second chance.

We must believe what we know. We have shaped the earth in our image.We have very little time to change.’

Luckily there are some rumblings of hope. (But not if we pretend it won’t take a previously unseen amount of dedication, effort and radical re-thinking of almost everything we do in the western world.)

It’s feature-film length and a call for humility in the Earth-human relationship. Do watch this documentary to the end. ‘Home’, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

One thought on “The greatest challenge of all…

  1. you are really creative,highly intellectual and great bodily features.i too feel the greatest challenge is thinking about what we do and surely you are absolutely right we have very limited time to save our fast depleting earth.


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