A Quick Dip


I spent a week in the south of Spain (nr Frigiliana) last month with photographers Gregory Brown, John Evans and fellow model Hannah Ashlea. It was soooo productive and I absolutely love working with Greg and John. Although my body was pretty tired by the end of 7 days straight (and I also had a shoot the very next day) I felt very inspired and creatively energised by spending this time with them. I am so pleased with the images – I received nearly 4000 shots into my inbox in the days after the trip – and am a bit overwhelmed by how many new favourite shots I have! Hannah was also a total pleasure to work and hang out with, so check her out too! Greg and John had been casting for a second model since Autumn last year, so I was pleased to discover it would be someone I’d already met. The villa we were staying in was ridiculously amazing – we were all pretty flabbergasted by it (brilliant word, flabbergasted – had to get that in). The owner is a bit of a continent-flitter, and has filled it with millions of interesting things, so teamed with the beautiful French/Moroccan (hard to place) decor and gorgeous white walls and blue hues, beautiful windows and outdoor pool, you can see why Greg and John were in their photographic element! There were also about fifty thousand tables in the villa, which meant we had to choose each evening whereabouts we would eat our dinner. Hard life.

Anyway, I just want to quickly show two photos from John, taken by the pool. John and Greg work by alternating (hourly or so) between models, so there’s always a lot of energy from the day being broken into chunks and lots of changing around, but this set came after our lunch break and I’d been lounging around like a lizard on the wall by the pool. John decided I looked potentially photogenic and declared that this would be our next set… So this was absolutely the most relaxing, sun-soaked set I’ve ever modelled. I literally just lolled around in the sun, sometimes dipping in a toe or arm (hence the ripples!). At one point I totally misjudged the width of the wall and very nearly went in… but all was well. (We did go in later though… COLD in March!)  In this first shot, John had climbed onto a wall and was shooting down on me, kindly without blocking my sun…

This second shot is one of my abosolute favourites, just because I was so utterly relaxed and I adore the trail of tree against the wall. I had no idea my hair was wet until I got up afterwards, when it flung droplets of water onto my back and shoulders. The metallic sheen of my skin was not added by any post-processing; this is exactly how the shot looked in-camera (gotta love Spanish light), just minus a pesky sign on the wall. Because of that, I think it’s quite special!

I’ll post many more soon! Will try not to over-bombard you with the zillions of images I have. We shot in and on rocks, on beaches, in the sea, in derelict houses, in the stunning villa, in an old sugar factory, in the streets of beautiful quiet villages… the list goes on. 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Quick Dip

  1. One of my favourites too. You were an absolute pleasure to work with.
    Looking forward to the next time.


  2. I love the second image.
    The colours are beautiful. The pale turquoise of the water, the darker blue of the tiles against the fabulous flesh tones.
    Just lovely.


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