I’m in Lewis!

Check out a little moment of fame! I did some extra work last year, and here I am in ‘Wild Justice’, an episode of the TV drama Lewis. For those who don’t know, Lewis is a spin off from Inspector Morse. We shot this in the centre of Oxford, and I happened to bump into a good school friend who was also working as an extra that day, so we had a great time catching up!

Don’t blink! I’m there in the crowd, about 4 seconds in, watching the procession as Hathaway runs dramatically behind me… He kept doing this massively exaggerated skid-to-a-stop as we took the scene over and over again, though it looks like they didn’t use it in the end. 🙂 The procession was blocking his and Lewis’ way en route to solving a case… Dun dun derrrr!

I’m very grateful to someone on facebook for spotting this and sending me a link to a video (can you imagine the eagle eyes required to notice me?! Impressive!). Thanks Paul Jackson!

4 thoughts on “I’m in Lewis!

  1. Now… when you say 'briefly,' you're not kidding!!! 🙂
    I bet that was a fun experience.
    I made an appearance in 'The Full Monty' a few years ago now… it was just as brief. But if you pause it at the right moment, it's definitely me!


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